A Look at the Vatican Library

This is probably the ultimate library in all existence. The Vatican Library contains over 2 million pieces, some dating back thousands of years. I’ve read about wonderful libraries that are hidden in monasteries around the world, but this tops them all I’m sure. According to the piece, only one person is allowed to check out anything at this library – The Pope.

Thanks to CBS News and 60 Minutes for doing this story. Here’s the accompanying video.

April 10-16 is National Library Week

This week is National Library Week in the U.S. If you’re checking out my site, you’re probably already aware that this is something close to my heart. If not, then you can see why here.

I was at my local library this afternoon picking up a book I had reserved (Patti Smith’s Just Kids). Unfortunately, I didn’t see much promotion for NLW 2011. So I am taking that matter under my wing.

I urge everyone to go check out (a book at) their local library!


Outside the Spectrum

I found this in a used book shop today. It’s outside of my book photographs and outside of anything else really. I just thought it was interesting. I see that it was checked out the day before I was born (Feb. 11). This library card information was, to me, the most fascinating part of this particular book. It gives it an actual life that it has lived. That is the singular most interesting thing about books, or any object. To give it a location and movement at one particular time of its existence.