Random Night Photos

I wasn’t up to going out and taking photos for my projects. So I stayed home and took a few out on the deck while the dog had his last outside time for the day. The moon was bright and clouds were rolling in. I love the way clouds in the night photograph in such a painterly way.


I did one other exposure that was 5 mins. I should have stopped it down and made it a longer exposure, but oh well. That’s the Big Dipper just to the left of center. This one was a great night-for-day photo that is a bit of a rage nowadays. I can’t say that’s what I was trying for, but that is what I got.

Notions of Eden

With the making of this new site I have been unveiling my new show of work – Notions of Eden. I have been working on these photographs for a while now and am really excited about getting them out to show the world.

I am slowly working on my artists statement which will be posted with the work here. I have many ideas about what I want to say and am having trouble getting it to a more concise point to post. The gist of it is looking at the new artificial world we are creating around our industrial areas to bring the nature back.

I am also happy to announce that this work is just the start of a rather inspired period I’ve found myself in right now. So, hopefully, I’ll be posting many more groups of work here in the near future as I get them closer to fruition. It’s always very exciting to find yourself in an inspired time! It’s been too long for me an I plan to make the most of it.

New Website

I am excited to announce that my new website is hitting the world at large!!!

Those of you who’ve been to my existing commercial site SquidBelly Creative will be familiar with most of what’s here. Or, at the very least, my books. What’s new is my exciting new project called Notions of Eden. It’s a series of nightscapes that I’m currently working on and hope that they’ll be as well received as my books have been. It’s quite a departure artistically, but getting out of that comfort zone has done me a wealth of good and the inspiration is flowing like crazy now. I plan to be well underway very soon on a completely different project that I’m in planning stages for already despite being in the middle of  the nightscapes.