Imaging USA 2019

Just wrapped up a very successful Imaging USA for my client the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). My work included many print and digital pieces including directional and informational signage, daily social media posts, emails and printed magazines.

IUSA is the longest-running photographic conference, trade show, and exhibit in the USA, drawing 10,000 working photographers each year.

Below are a handful of images from that.

Prezi Presentations

Lately I’ve been creating Prezi training presentations for DirecTV to train their customer service agents on the various upgrades they can offer customers. This has been a great opportunity to delve into the world of Prezi creation and get much better at it. I’ve always worked a lot in presentation design, but I have a renewed passion for it with more updated design methods such as Prezi. It’s fun to take something new and find all the ways to make it work.


Expanded Website

Sooo, I have finally migrated all of my online creative content to this site. And, by so doing, hope to make this a much more robust website. So please be sure to hold me to it. I had played around with a few new designs for the site, but in the end, I returned back to the existing design.

My design portfolio is now live on the site here.

I will be adding some more galleries around of both my graphic design and fine art photography soon. Stay tuned!